5 Random Things Already Named jordans shoes for girls After obama American presidents get memorials and tributes thrown at them through the rest of their lives.Even an unmemorable second in command like dan quayle has a second in commandial library, and his perhaps most obviously achievement was a highly public failure to spell"Spud, 1.Obamadon, an Air Jordan 1 wiped out late cretaceous period lizardwow!Hell of a celebration, the later cretaceous.And do you notice that small, blue ish lizard in the forefront?Therefore at yale named it after the president this past december, and had been contemplating about naming a dinosaur after him since 2008, but only experienced with it after making sure obama won the 2012 election. He won the electoral college and the yale college biology department lizard name contest. Depending on scientists the lizard has tall, lean teeth, so received named obamadon"In mention of the tall, precisely teeth, and the way mr obama has acted as a role model of good oral hygiene for the world, so remember that kids:You can dream all that's necessary of being president, but if you prefer a prehistoric reptile named after you, you still need to stand straight up, start flossing, and remember to comb. After which they are, start, brush ya back off.[Added LIST ITEMS, Shortly:] 2.A types of water trapdoor spider Aptostichus barackobamai got its name keep away from 2012.It nice to see the spiderman fan in chief get his own groups, but the same science tecnistions also named water trapdoor spider species after neil young, stephen colbert, and julia roberts, so it hard not to chalk that obama homage up to the biologist being kind of a starfucker. 3.Three very various kinds of city streets in florida He had a street named for him in the south florida town of opa locka as of us web design manager day 2009, picked up another street in the nearby town of west park a couple of months later, and afterwards it got a pres.Obama parkway in orlando named after him and integrated 2011.No wonder Where Do You Get nike jordans shoes he won nys a second time in a row, half the roads you are able to named after him. 4.Antigua highest slopes Formerly well-Sometimes typically boggy peak, mount obama was renamed for the us web design manager in 2009.It a lovely tribute to the ceo place in black history, and it also you need to super random tribute where the naming ceremony featured a calypso song called"For every person barack"That helped bring actress angela bassett to tears. 5.A male command academy in texas Showed in august of 2011, the obama male leadership academy serves as a magnet preparatory school for the dallas independent school district.It offers courses in awesome/random things like latin, mandarin, and flight handling, and is in the same district as bryan adams graduation, which isn named after the bryan adams you considering. Without a doubt, that reasonable. With mount president barak, it was renamed that to enjoy black history, is really a popular mountain(Under its groundbreaking name boggy peak)Notably served as a hiding position for escaped slaves.So that specific mountain could easily have celebrated black history if antiguans spent more time celebrating the benefit in black history it already had. That water trapdoor spider was one of 33 spider species found recently in california in that genus, so a lot of celebrity names got put them under.Obama and his place ever sold.Let drop these kinds of. New creepy item named after obama:A parasitic worm from nigeria.It the first hairworm species ever seen to reproduce without a mate(And since it all female it been inaccurately referred to as"Lesbian").The stated motive for naming it after obama is that it comes from kenya, much obama father, because obviously barack is evenly proud of his kenyan heritage and kenyan bizarre worms.Properly, identifying a"Lesbian"Worm for obama kenyan heritage appears like it either a"He the gay director"Stuff or a birther feature. Other new bizarre item named after obama:Two twin kenyan children, one given its name barack, an additional named mitt.The caretaker says she did it to celebrate election day 2012, explaining nice and all, but you utilize the election came out one of those twins was going to be named after a guy widely seen as a loser.