Incomes really required in a family I not saying that there are not cases where the child must be put in daycare(Single parent situation), or other circumstances that preclude this.However, it my experience that two people work because they want the cars, house, vacations, lifestyle and not because of real"Need. " I think it depends on the family situation.I stayed home with our son for the first year.The financial burden was too great for us to continue.My mom stayed at our house with our son for the next 3 years.That way, i could work, but he still had a very loving adult taking care of him, and he was in his own house.He started full-Time daycare/preschool when he was 4 1/2.By that time, he was ready to socialize with other children. Now, my spouse income is enough that we could probably afford for me to stay home, however, our son is now school age, and there really is no point in me being home while he at school.So, for us it works out best for me to work part-Time.That way our needs are met, and we have extra to save and to spend on"Luxeries". But you do have to qualify-Required for what?Since most families in the world live on an income of no more than a few dollars a day, it really is a question of life-Style. I have heard from financial planners about people who never made more than $30, 000/year but chose to live on less than they earned and invested consistently a percentage of that small income who retired in some comfort and security with a million dollar investment portfolio. People who acquire a marketable skill, Cheap Tiffany Rings work hard and do a good job and manage their money wisely-Don buy stuff they can afford;Borrow money only for medical emergencies or a personal residence that fits comfortably into a budget-Can raise a family in some comfort on one income. No.If you have kids, definitely not.If you crunch all the numbers associated with two parents working, often times the second income doesn break even.If you add up the costs of childcare, second car, second work wardrobe, eating out or buying prepared packaged food because there is no one home to cook, etc.You often aren making any money.Sometimes you are actually losing money on that second income. If the stay at home parent does things like garden, can, freeze and sew, you can often make more money by saving money.I figure i would have to make $45, 000 to $50, 000 to make up for what i do at home, plus buying a second car and i can earn that with my degree(Sadly). Why is it that now two incomes are needed to get a decent house? What kind of Buy Tiffany classes are required to be a paralegal? What space is required to play wii? My boyfriend makes me feel i not good enough for him.He isn romantic, doesn do cute little things to fuss on me, always talks bout how expensive life is and i need a career so we have two incomes.Any advice? Does cheap credit mask the reality that our economy sucks and that we can barely afford anything anymore even with two incomes where one used to be enough?