Best boat for a seine river cruise In oct of last year, my wife i took our 17 year old granddaughter for a dinner cruise through bateaux parisiens.We opted for the premier service were allocated a seat at the very front of the boat;Magnifique! We were well wined dined;A 5 course meal was served. The boat departed from(Returned to)The foot of the eiffel tower, a handy location.The leisurely Cheap Prom Dresses voyage took us initially east, well past ile st.Louis returned westward, past pont grenelle the miniature statue of liberty. It was costly but well worth the splurge for a special occasion, or, in our Special Occasion Dresses case, to spoil our granddaughter. During daylight hours, batobus is a practical thrifty method of cruising the seine.You buy a pass(1 day, 2 day. ), which permits you on off privileges at approximately 7 key locations along the river(D st.Germaine, notre dame, jardins des plantes, etc. ).At each of the locations there is a booth for ticket purchases.There is no on board commentary, just announcements as to the next stop.