It the sterling solution for last Silver is the way to go this season, and the best directions--For men or women--Are silver bracelets and rings.You can't go wrong by crossing someone's palm with silver:It's rich, varied and fits all budgets. Sweet little jewelry is on the way out.The new look, as decreed by women's wear daily, is big.But don't fret:That just means it will be back in again in a few months, and everyone loves delicate little necklaces and those charming small silver rings with a semi-Precious stone($32 each,)That can be worn one by one or stacked in three or four layers, adding up to something big. Make way for drop-Dead, clunky bracelets and rings by(Available at saks)Or those knuckle-Busters by chrome hearts of los angeles--One of cher's favorite designers(They do leather motorcycle jackets decorated with sterling silver, starting at about $5000, available for women at susan of burlingame and for men at wilkes bashford). There's also a knock-Out 2 1/2-Inch basket-Weave silver bracelet from tiffany and co.For $695.Too much?Try the sleek silver cuff, just as wide, from following sea in san francisco centre for $70--It comes with a jeweler's cloth to help keep it bright. For those who just want a nice bracelet--Not too big, not too small--There's a selection of classic styles from about $27 at target(Or as saks' therese post and a few million others call it, tar-Zhay).And at saks on post there's an abundance of sterling silver bracelets including those by(They're for men but look great on women, too)And delicate multiple silver wires with pearls by for $280. Check out the handsome animal charm braceletsAt neiman marcus by designer of ojai, and the whimsical jewelry of anni co.At neiman marcus.Neiman's also carries, as do most of the other major stores, gold and silver jewelry by for men and women(Shreve's has possibly the biggest selection for women).Yurman's oxidized(That's the darker, more antique-Looking silver)Cable bracelets, which start at about Tiffany Rings UK Sale $200, have been on the top of everyone's list for years, and they can be worn separately or stacked. At nordstrom, we Tiffany Jewellery discovered a stunning but simple silver square bracelet by bayanihan(Italian silver designed in manila)For $217--Ho, ho, ho--And the silver jewelry at emporium and macy's is 50 percent off. For the more traditional there's oxidized silver jewelry by at gump's for men and women from $75, and there are silver bracelets by two other world famous designers, and, at tiffany.Paloma's sterling loving heart bracelet is $950, and elsa's open heart bracelet is $180. Hearts, flowers and stars are favorite motifs of folli follie, which has just opened a boutique on grant avenue.The folli shops have been a fixture in london, paris and athens for several years.The company specializes in light, whimsical pieces, sometimes combining silver with gold, pearls and gems and starting at about $70. Artists love to work with silver, so do some browsing and shopping at the gift shops at museums.Sfmoma has possibly the best selection of unusually dramatic silver jewelry(Especially the bracelets and necklaces by, and), and the gift shop at Yerba Buena Gardens has wonderful ethnic jewelry as well as a unique selection of hair sticks with sterling silver and starting at $35. Then there are the street merchants, and some of those specialize in making bracelets and pendants out of antique--For sure, they're used--Silver forks and spoons.Price varies--Sometimes as low as $10, but usually about $20. Sterling silver is a gift that keeps giving:Every time you take out the silver polish or give it a rub with a jeweler's cloth(At last a use for little white cotton gloves)It reminds you of the person who gave it to you.No, you don't wish it were gold and low maintenance.Believe it or not, there is the pleasure of watching the silver come to life and glow as it's polished.And the oxidized silver needs very little care.If the gift comes from tiffany, shreve's or folli follie, they'll also help you by giving it a free professional buffing every once in awhile. If you have time, it's fun to browse through antique jewelry sections at stores, finding something wonderful that brings with it a touch of the past.At 's in the, there's an ornate antique silver card case($250), a wonderful gift for the woman who has everything including business cards.A silver card case is also a chic way to carry important credit cards, a driver's license deals on tiffany charms and some paper bills in an evening bag, and christofle has one that's a pleasure to hold for $350. When hunting antique english silver, always look for hallmarks, the official marks stamped on silver and gold.The marks indicate its authenticity, where it's from(A lion means birmingham, england), the year it was made and the initial of the craftsman. For those hung-Up on hallmarks, english designer 's jewelry uses them as part of his design(At neiman marcus, from about $100).The hallmark is also another way of saying you cared enough to buy the very best. Perhaps you may not want to buy the very best.In that case, there are small sterling silver block letters(About $5 each at emporium and headlines)So you can create your own personal gift, maybe spell out someone's name or a message like,"Merry christmas. "If that's too much for the budget, make that"Xmas. "