Good place to start a rock band Good place to start a rock band The musician i am interviewing has developed in the local jacksonville, florida music scene for about 9 years now playingGuitar with bands such as screamo band hollow line, rockband blaque betty, and now a european black metal band called pandaemonium meetGuitarist virtuoso stephen dykes.G: How long thinking of playingGuitar? Sd:Approximately 13 years, no for approximately 12 to 13 years. Sd:O.K, let's wait and watch: Catheter for Thorns, Worthless Line, Born similar to this, Daisy's Pillbox rightOn the end before they broke up, Blaque Betty and that is exactly it. W:And the gist your role(Everything did you play)In each associated with those bands? Sd:Lead and tempo guitar. R:Can you rather be playing lead or rhythm guitar or both? Sd:Both. W:What are some of your chosen bands? Sd:Um, kids of bodom, nightwish, deicide, cannibal corpse, obit, muse, king gemstone, an excellent circle, ebony sabbath(A silly joke)And blind melons, wintersun, Pandora Glass Beads finntroll, and dream theater effortlessly. W:Who are your musical affects? Sd:Kids of bodom, zakk wylde and the black label arena, iron first, abnormal angel, white-Coloured zombie, nefarion, metallica that is certainly about it. Delaware:What exercise items do you use? Sd:Marshall jcm 900 for my amp leader, and i work with an esp guitar, and i explain to you digitech pedals, top dog pedals, mxr pedals, and consequently dunlop crybaby. P:Certainly, you use several effects? Sd:Only for specific factors like melodic stuff. S:Why did you start out the band you have now, pandaemonium? Sd:Because it's my vision and music that i enjoy playing. R:Would you say that the city of the town of jacksonville(Florida)Is a good starting place a rock band? Sd:Sure, i would say so but that all depends on which kind of music you like too.It's rare musicians for certain styles.There may be a big death metal, nu stainlesss steel, and punk display and ska, emo so screamo.But there's also a lot of people that say they'll do music with you and flake out over the long haul. G:What are the more challenging types of music to Sd:Black metal and stuff that's original also commercial music. S:Is there a lot of competing firms in the music scene locally? Sd:I likely say so.Everybody simply speaking gets along supports each other by showing up to shows and helping each other out.There's a couple of bands i won't name that won't help or support the local scene.