Employment Pandora Charms destination examples bing2analytics Art and design are adaptable subjects that open up a wide range of occupational choices.These include options directly related to your degree(Such as advertising art director, fashion clothing designer, graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker, textile designer)Anda wide range of other occupations.Career destinations gathers destination information about graduates six months after they leave the university.From this information you can see that 62%of students who graduated from wsa in 2012were in employment of some kind(41%)Fulltime,(18%)Parttime,(3%)Work with further study.Fine art and graphics graduatesadmin assistant bristol city counciladministrator churches fire securitycustomer services adviser scottish and southern energyscanning clerk norwich unionsupport worker mencaptelephone charity fundraiser ethicalvisitor service assistant museum of costumeadvertising, marketing Pandora Beads Canada and public relationsaccount executive crazy horse brand responseadvertising space sales two wheels onlyseo google awards coordinator primrose, londonpublic relations assistant exposureassistant designer square up mediagraphic designer pro media, rubbish, glow marketing, attenate 8, the crocodile, recreation plc, jennifer babey, science museum, greene design, artefakt sp, redbee media, cradduck design company